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Jan. 29th, 2008 | 04:49 pm

Mkay. Based on the weigh in on Monday I am...
142.2 lbs. 
That is disgusting. 
Today I have eaten a shitload, so later I'm doing part of my work out. 
It's a day two on my workout sooo:
30 Minute run
3 sets of:
10 crunches
10 side then leg extension (per leg)
10 reverse crunch

What I am going to do is see how well this work-out thing goes with me eating as I normally do. 
My weigh ins will happen on Monday's. 
So this monday I will see if the progress I make is enough for me, or if I really should start cutting stuff down. It's so hard for me to though, I'm so used to food being so accessable.

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